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Turnkey Guide to
Surviving the Winter

System Checks

  • Make sure you know where to isolate your water both internally and externally. Make a note of the external tap because in heavy snow it can be impossible!
  • Make sure all isolations move freely and are not seized open.
  • Check pipework and tanks in loft areas are insulated.
  • Isolate outside taps and drain them.
  • If going away, isolate the mains before leaving. This way if anything freezes no damage will be caused.

Boiler Checks

  • Make sure your boiler is serviced regularly, to help avoid any problems when you least need them!
  • If going away when it’s really cold leave the heating on down low to make sure the house never gets too cold.
  • Make sure radiators are free from obstructions and are bled of air, so that you are getting the most from them.
  • If you have a modern condensing boiler. Make sure the condensate is run correctly with a good fall, and that it is well insulated if exposed.

Hopefully this guide will keep you incident free, but just in case keep a note of your local plumbing and heating engineer’s number.